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For over 20 years I've been a satisfied customer of Richard's carpet cleaning service. Several times I've fallen for coupons that offer cheaper deals, but never received the top-notch results we get from Benchmark. They make old rugs look new again. 

Glendon, Provo


You did a fabulous job! Seriously you were so good!!! Dirt and spots and stains removed that have been there for lots of cleanings.  The stains upstairs- all over- family room, etc. All look amazing.  You took 10 years at least off of the carpet.  Thanks so much!

Atkinson Family

Provo, Utah

For over 20 years I've been a satisfied customer of Benchmark's carpet cleaning service. Several times I've fallen for coupons that offer cheaper deals, but never received the top-notch results we get from Benchmark. They make old rugs look new again. 


Provo, Utah

My carpets were dingy brown in the traffic areas of my home. Trevor arrived on time, set up and went to work. Richard joined him a little later and they both moved right along. Results - AMAZING!!! My carpets have been restored to their original glowing spring green color. I am DELIGHTED with the results. A Thank You note from them was the bonus, left with a bottle of Home Pro Spotter for spills. THANK YOU THANK YOU - for doing such a grand job! 

Claire & Parley

Provo, Utah

I want to thank you for the job you did on our carpets. They look spectacular! Just like new! Thank you for this service. It has greatly helped as we prepare to sell our home. 

Holt Z.

Provo, Utah

Trevor was amazing working with our schedule, adding a couple of extra rooms at the last minute and then not charging us for a recliner he cleaned because he didn’t feel like he could get the stains out perfectly, which was a long shot anyway. He was professional, personable and very proficient. Thank you!


Alpine, UT

It is with great pleasure that I give my recommendation to Richard Swan of Benchmark Carpet Cleaning. I am somewhat of a connoisseur of carpet cleaners, since I have several rental properties and have used many different cleaning services through the years. Benchmark Carpet Cleaning will be my final resting place in this regard. Each time I have used Mr. Swan, he has been on time, courteous, and very thorough down to planting fans when needed to meet a deadline for new tenant move-in. I give him my highest recommendation without any reservations. If you want the job done right, in a timely manner, and for a very fair price, then you will want Benchmark Carpet Cleaning to do the job.


Provo, Utah

Is there a difference in carpet cleaners? Absolutely. Is there a difference in their cleaning systems? No doubt. Richard Swan has developed a superior reputation because of his belief system in excellence. The Benchmark system is the best we've seen in our 25 years of carpet cleaning needs. Because of Richard's expertise the results are beautiful, clean carpets. We recommend Benchmark and Richard Swan with flying colors.

Jill & Lynn

Provo, Utah

If ever you want a courteous, thoughtful company to do a great job cleaning your carpets, call on Benchmark. I used Benchmark to clean the carpets in my new home and in our old rental. On both occasions they contacted me prior to their arrival to let me know when they would arrive which made it very nice to be there to show them the areas I was most concerned about cleaning. When I called and left a message to make an appointment for him to come back and clean our rental he even called me back while on vacation! I was surely impressed. Our carpets looked great. The cleaning was accomplished in a timely way and with great courtesy and professionalism. I would wholeheartedly recommend Benchmark Carpet Cleaning to anyone who wants their carpets cleaned right. This is a company I'll return to when I need my carpets cleaned again.


Salt Lake City, Utah

I feel like I struck gold with Benchmark Carpet cleaning. We needed our carpets cleaned because we are getting ready to sell our condo, and so I just randomly chose Benchmark out of the yellow pages. I'm so glad I did! I was convinced we would have to include a "carpet allowance" as part of our selling terms—because our carpets were so horrible—but when I walked back into the house after they were cleaned, it was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Spots that had not come out with previous cleanings by "Big Name" carpet cleaners (and more expensive) are completely gone! If you have carpets that you think need replacing, and just don't have much hope for--first give Benchmark a try, you'll really be so pleasantly surprised. And for a perfectly reasonable price (for how great the carpets turned out—I'd say it was a steal!)As for the customer service and professionalism--you won't find any better. I almost don't want to share my recommendation, because I don't want this secret to get out and the company to grow too big and hence compromise the quality and care. But I also want to keep them in business--so the secret is out. I'm telling all my family and friends. And the carpet speaks for itself, everyone that comes over that had seen it before, their jaws drop and they gush how great it looks!Thanks, Benchmark, I'm really SO happy with them. I can't believe the spots in the living room came out completely and that paint spot in the hall way, and the machine oil spots next to the laundry...all gone and looking fabulous! You did a miraculous job!


Orem, Utah

Benchmark got our heavy traffic areas back to the original color! We couldn't tell that part of our carpet from the carpet under our couches; it's that new looking again! We couldn't afford to re-carpet our house, and Benchmark helped us realize that we didn't need to – we just needed them to clean our existing carpets!



Orem, Utah

Many years ago we used Richard Swan and Swan's Carpet Cleaning to clean the carpets in our home. He always did a good job so we were sad when he left the cleaning business for other things. We recently found out that Richard had started a new cleaning company called Benchmark Carpet Cleaning so naturally we called and set an appointment for him to come to our home. As it was in the past, Richard was on time, set up quickly and began working. We knew he had invested in a new state of the art machine, but we were amazed at the cleaning power it had. Our carpets never looked so good in the 7 years we've been here including when we first moved in. We recommend everyone use Benchmark Carpet Cleaning if they want their carpets to look as good as new.


Shannon & Malcolm

Highland, Utah

I have had my carpets cleaned by several different companies and I was never really satisfied with the results. But, after having Benchmark Carpet Cleaning clean our carpets I was wowed by the results! My carpets looked like new! I feel 100% confident in recommending Benchmark because I know anyone else will have similar results. And from now on Benchmark will be the only ones cleaning my carpet.



Springville, Utah

Richard has been cleaning our carpets for 20 years. I was pleased to see that he re-entered the cleaning business with Benchmark. Richard is one of the few service providers in this valley that consistently shows up on time, with the right equipment, and with a satisfaction guarantee.


Mapleton, Utah

Thank you so much for the carpet cleaning you did for us early in the summer. Since moving into our home, I had just written off our front-room carpet as "so bad it will just need to be replaced." Unfortunately, that couldn't be done before our family gathering this summer. In comes Benchmark and your excellent service--from the call, the immediate response, the prompt appearance at our door, complete with a big smile. I was amazed at the time you took with this carpet, and when I saw the results, I was even more amazed. I would NEVER have believed how good the carpet would look once cleaned--to the point that I now love the carpet! Four months have passed, and the carpet looks as good as the day it was cleaned. All those stains are really gone! Thank you, Benchmark!


Provo, Utah

Timely, professional and the cleanest carpets we've ever had. We give Benchmark Carpet Cleaning 5 stars!

Kim & Gaylin

Provo, Utah

Benchmark Carpet Cleaning is the ultimate in excellence and integrity. In a world where value is number one, Benchmark provides the best value in carpet cleaning. We refer Benchmark to all of our friends and family and know that they will always receive excellent service at an honest price. Benchmark truly has set a new "benchmark" for excellence. Thanks Richard for building a fantastic company. You are awesome.



Provo, Utah

We would like to tell you that we thought your carpet cleaning was excellent. It was the best procedure…you did more procedures than anybody who has ever cleaned our carpet. Ted said he would say it is, "Excellent" and I say, "Awesome."


Provo, Utah

Our carpets were filthy. Benchmark came and spent many hours cleaning to make sure they truly got clean. We were very pleased with the way they looked, the very fair price, and how courteous the employee was. We will use Benchmark Carpet Cleaning every time.

Brian & Elaine

Provo, Utah

Recently I have had Richard Swan come and clean my carpets. The process he uses is fast and so effective. I have a large piece of carpet in my kitchen that lies on the floor under my sink. As you can imagine it gets all the spills and accidents from hot cocoa to catsup. I thought, "well if he cleans that carpet maybe it could look a little better." I was wrong. It looked amazing. I did not think it was possible. As I watched him clean I could not believe the difference. I wish I had taken a picture. Since that time I have had him back to clean the tile in my kitchen. I never thought I would see the true color of my grout again. They got the tile and grout glowing and beautiful again. I will definitely use Benchmark and Richard again for all my carpet and tile cleaning needs.



Provo, Utah

I have worked with Benchmark Carpet Cleaning for a few years. The Service has been great! I have been more than satisfied with the meticulous attention that is given each carpet/room being cleaned. The detailed statement is also very much appreciated. I highly recommend Benchmark to anyone! Thanks, Benchmark.



Provo, Utah

My first acquaintance with Richard Swan (then owners of Swan's Carpet Cleaning, and now Benchmark) was when I sold my home and needed the carpet cleaned throughout the entire house.My sister recommended their company telling me they were the best she had ever had, so I called them. During the day they were cleaning, my sister suffered a cardiac arrest and I raced to the hospital. Hours later I returned to a meticulously cleaned carpet and a dinner for my large family provided by my carpet cleaners who were strangers to me. Since this initial experience, I have come to know and appreciate the Swans as not only excellent carpet cleaners but also remarkable people. I have hired Benchmark many times since, and plan to continue to do so in the future.


Provo, Utah

Left out of town on vacation. Gave the keys to the house to Benchmark and when we came back a week later the carpets were clean and looked awesome. I trust them without reserve. 


Provo, Utah

Excellent service, cleaned better than expected, very professional. Straight forward on pricing. 


Provo, Utah

Richard and Trevor, thanks again for your help last night. You are so helpful and amazing to rescue us in a time of need!! Thank you!!


Provo, Utah

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